There are currently 15 achievements for Feel The Snow, all of which are obtainable through Steam.

Image Name Description
True Lumberjack True lumberjack Cut down 50 trees
True Miner Achievement True miner Smash 50 rocks
Home Sweet Home Achievement Home Sweet Home Build a house
Til The End Achievement Till the end... Die
Acquaintance With Nightmares Achievement Acquaintance with nightmares Survive the first night
Cook Achievement Cook Prepare a meal in the boiler
The First Thing That Came To Hand Achievement The first thing that came to hand Craft a stick
Saved Heart Achievement Saved heart Find an ice heart
Ice Cream Lover Achievement Ice cream lover Eat five ice creams
Fisherman Achievement Fisherman Catch a fish
Hundred On The Hook Hundred on the hook Catch one hundred fishes
Oh My God. It's A Candy Fish! Achievement Oh my god. It's a candy fish! Catch a candy fish
Dark Heart Achievement Dark Heart
Knigness Winner Achievement Knigness winner
Ancient Machine Winner Achievement Ancient Machine winner

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