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Willie in the Character Creation screen.

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Annie in the Character Creation screen.

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Fiery in the Character Creation screen.

Feel The Snow currently has three playable characters, named Willie, Annie, and Fiery.

Willie and Annie are available upon starting the game, while Fiery is an unlockable fire-snowperson who is unlocked after defeating the final boss of the Early Access release, the Ancient Machine.

Appearance and DifferencesEdit

Willie is a rounded male snowperson with black dots for eyes. he has no visible hair and is quite plain.

Annie is very similar to Willie, but with a slimmer phisique, and two small ponytails. The small bangs on the front of her head are animated upon walking, unlike Willie with no other animations aside from his normal walking and running.

Willie and Annie are exactly the same in terms of abilities and stats, and are only different in appearance.

Fiery is a orange-red male who is slimmer than Willie. He has red eyebrows, and his hair is always on fire.

Fiery is a much different character in his stats, having his magic abilities being fire-based, which deals extra damage instead of slowing down enemies. Additionally, Fiery's dying heart is red instead of blue.


Each character has three bars at the top of their screen. The red bar is their Health, the green bar is their Stamina, and the purple bar is the player's Experience.

In addition, the player has 2 blue crystal-esque shapes beneath the Experience bar which show the player's Mana. Mana is used whenever the player uses a skill (acquired from the Leveling Tree) and can be rejuvenated overtime or the player can use items (such as the ice rose or mana potion) to gain their mana back.

The player can recover their health from sitting still next to a Campfire or Fire Pit whilst lit, or the player can eat certain foods.


  • Fiery's base body temperature is 451 degrees, unlike the standard 50 degrees of the other two. This may be in reference to Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451, though not proven.

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