Controls allow the player to perform certain actions in the game. They can be accessed through the "Options > Controls" menus. This table shows the default controls, which can be reset by selecting the "Default" button at the bottom left of the menu screen. Each key is rebindable, but more than one function cannot be assigned to the same key. The player must choose the "Apply" button to save their changes.

From this menu, the player also has the option to toggle on/off Quick Slot Scroll, which lets the player use the mouse wheel to scroll through the Quick Slots assigned to number keys 0-9. Here, the player can also toggle on/off "Attack in cursor direction."

Key Function
W Up
A Down
S Left
D Right
E Use/Talk
F Attack
Shift Run
Space Dash
Q Block/Dodge
Ctrl Share items
Enter Chat
I Inventory
C Craft
K Skills
J Journal
M Map
N Minimap
PgUp Build skin up
PgDn Build skin down
Tab Player list
Alt Show player names
1 Quick slot 1
2 Quick slot 2
3 Quick slot 3
4 Quick slot 4
5 Quick slot 5
6 Quick slot 6
7 Quick slot 7
8 Quick slot 8
9 Quick slot 9
0 Quick slot 0