Creatures include all of the wildlife and enemies within the game, except bosses. Some creatures are passive, although some can be territorial and will attack the player if they come too close.

There are six main biomes, excluding the dark zone. If you want to learn about the dark zone, then go to the page about nightmares. This page will not include nightmares.

Snow Fields Edit

Small Birds Edit

Spr bird stay 0

A small bird that flies away when the player approaches. If the player uses a Horn, the small bird is startled and can be killed to obtain a Feather.

Pheasant Edit

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Pheasants supply the player with Raw Meat which can be used to craft advanced food recipes. It deals 15 damage to an unarmed player and has 50 health. Pheasants cannot be stun-locked like other mobs. Its behavior during fights is to peck, then run away, then run back into peck once more. This can be difficult for new players as for an early portion of the game the player relies on the stun-lock mechanic. When killed, they drop raw meat.

Slimes Edit

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Slimes are the most common creature in the game. They roll around and can be easily stun-locked. The Mucus dropped by Slimes can be used to fuel fires. They deal 15 damage to unarmed players and have 50 health.

Snow Boars Edit

FTS Snow boar den

A Snow Boar den

FTS Snow boar

A baby Snow Boar

Snow boars are found wandering around the area near their designated den. Upon attacking one of the baby Snow Boars, a mother will appear from the den. this is a larger and more powerful boar that has a charge attack that can be blocked by chases you far away from the den it will despawn and re spawn inside the den. You can destroy the den with three bombs.

Draken Edit

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Drakens are large creatures that move slowly and are often found around the settlement, new players shouldn't combat these as they're strong with high attack and high health.

Drakens drop wool.

Chof Edit

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Chofs are very powerful creatures that move as fast as the player's running speed. They wield a flail and a shield, and will use one of two moves when the player is within reach: Attack, or Block. If they attack, dodge by running away. If they block and you attack, they'll counter with an attack of their own. You can also sneak around them and hit them from behind while they block.

Groh Edit

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The Groh is a medium-sized, owl-like hostile mob in Feel The Snow. They become aggressive when the player ventures too close to them or their nests. They will attack in groups if the player attacks one individual.

They are found in groups of 3 guarding their nests, which contain Groh's Eggs. They sleep at night and are not disturbed by nearby movement. When killed, they will respawn after a few in-game days.

Snowless Lands Edit

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Goblins Edit

Spr goblins resp 0

A Goblin respawn camp

Spr goblins camp 1 0

Goblins are green-skinned creatures that will attack the player on sight. After receiving a certain amount of damage, they will turn red and enter "berserk" mode where they cannot be stun-locked. This mode ends once they unleash an attack.

Spr goblin3 attack down 0

Goblin Mages Edit

Goblin Mages look like Goblins wearing a robe. They will also attack the player on sight with ranged magic. They are slightly slower than the player is while running and are hard to stun-lock.

Spr goblin2 attack down 0

Wild Hogs Edit

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Wild Hogs are peaceful creatures until attacked. They can be farmed for Raw Meat and cannot be stun-locked. They also drop fangs and hog skins.

Rune Cube Edit

Spr rune cube attack down 0

Rune Cubes are black moving boxes with blue glowing symbols. They emit a loud scraping sound and are peaceful until attacked. When attacked they will do a charged attack to slam into the player. They are easily avoidable but cannot be stun-locked. They drop Sigma Fragments.

The Cave of Ringing Wind Edit

Roaming Mushrooms Edit

Spr mushron attack down 0

Roaming Mushrooms are the only peaceful creatures in the Cave of Ringing Winds. They have a basic attack pattern and are easily stun-locked. When they die they emit a popping noise.

Snails Edit

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Snails are aggravated when the player comes near them. They will use regular attacks as well as a charging attack that travels a long distance. They can't be stun-locked and should be avoided when they glow yellow.

Ice Crystalline Edit

Spr cristalline attack down 0

Ice Crystallines are floating ice crystals that will attack the player on sight with ice magic. They will track the player over long distances and are slightly faster than the player's walking speed.

Oil Valleys Edit

Spider Robots Edit

There are two different kinds, laser and fighter. They can drop gears and metallic

Laser drone

A ranged Spider Robot

shards. The fighter one goes up right next to you and tries to bite you. It can easily be defeated by spawning in an ice elemental. The laser one fires red lasers and tries to keep it's distance. It can be defeated by going next to it and repeatedly attack it with a sword.


A melee Spider Robot.

Markan Edit

Spr markhan 0
Markan are black figures with glowing eyes wrapped in a cloak that floats above the ground. They wield a large dual-bladed scythe and will attack on-sight. Like the pheasants, they will attack, sprint away, then return to attack again; this prevents them from being stun-locked.
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Gray Slimes Edit

These slimes act almost the same as the normal slimes. They have a lot more health and they do a bigger amount of damage. They can drop oil, which can be used to complete a quest for Rowan by giving it to the mechanical bird in Ironville.

Ancient Guardian Edit


An Ancient Guardain about to fire a laser.

They spawn in the mechanical area, precisely, the fortress. They guard the ancient machine. They quickly fire blue lasers at you and if you get too close they will curl up and you can't do any damage to them for a while.

Sunglade Edit

Aborigines Edit


A Watermelon Aborigine.

There are four different kinds, banana, watermelon, coconut, and pineapple. They are found throughout Sunglade and you need to kill some of them to get the bunch of bananas for Ashley. The banana aborigines are mages who summon flying bananas to kill you. They are the slowest of the four. Coconut aborigines are a tiny bit faster, they hold a scimitar and chase you, they also have a shield. Then comes pineapple aborigines, they are faster than the coconut people but they attack the same way. The fastest of the bunch is the watermelon aborigines, who act like suicide bombers. Their head explodes damaging you. When you kill it, it cries. Each aborigine drop their respective fruit. This can be used to make various drinks. All of the aborigines are very aggressive, they all do 50 damage but the watermelon can do up to 150.

A tree golem who is for now, passive.

Tree Golems Edit

They spawn in the Sunglade area and they attack you when you attack it. Their only attack is to smash you, which does 70 damage. They are very slow and they have lots of health, about 750.

Peacock Edit

The peacock spawns in the Sunglade region and are extremely similar to pheasants. They act the same and the only differences are the appearance and the stats. Its stats are 35 damage without armor, and it has a lot more health. It has a pink and cyan colors in the pattern.

PeacockScreenshot (2)

A peacock.

Beach Edit


A crab without a shell.

Crabs Edit

The beach can be found on the edges of Sunglade or on Captain Edwards ship. There is only one enemy on the beach, the crab. There are two different kinds but they act and are the same. One has a shell, the other doesn't. They both will attack you when you attack it. They will claw at you and they are rather slow. They drop crab meat.

Ship Edit

Crabs Edit

You can see them up above.

Skeletons Edit

SkeletonScreenshot (2)

These only spawn on the ship and might, in future updates, spawn on the Island of the Dammed. These have more health than the tree golems and do more damage than them too. They hold two bones in their hands and swing them around. Additionally, for looks they have purple eyes and a purple heart.