Fts darkzone

The Dark Zone, the Altar, and two Dark Zone exclusive Nightmares alongside two large Nightmares.

The Dark Zone is a randomly generated area that has gray ground and darkened foliage.

Inside the Dark Zone Edit

Up to four Nightmares spawn when the player enters. They de-spawn when the player leaves the zone. The Nightmares from the Dark Zone will never follow the player outside the area, even at night.

The Dark Zone is most important for the Altar that is found in the middle. If the player is able to destroy the alter, they obtain a Mana Crystal, which is exceptionally useful for players who focus their skill points into magic attacks.

After the player destroys the Altar, the Dark Zone slowly fades away, and Nightmares no longer spawn within that Dark Zone. Another Dark Zone usually spawns within one to three in-game days so that the player has more opportunities to gather Mana Crystals.

The locations are always randomly generated, but rarely spawn far off from the player's explored areas on the map.

Tips Edit

  • Destroying the Altar takes roughly 10 hits from a sword item. Regardless of the weapon used, it always does 1 damage per hit.
  • Dark Zones are useful for level grinding, as Nightmares continuously spawn one after another.
  • The Dark Zones are the only areas that spawn unique Nightmares that are not seen at night.

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