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News! Edit

Massive patch has been released, full details can be seen below!
We experienced great difficulties and spent a lot of time on the port for Mac / Linux and, unfortunately, the port for these platforms is still being postponed, it is connected with the game engine and we can not solve this problem. We apologize to everyone who was waiting for the ports. We still will be trying to find decision. 

The cards for Steam are almost ready, it remains to draw a few backgrounds and smiles. 

A large patch is in the development process, we hope that within the prescribed time limit (two months) we will be able to finish it. 

According to plans: 

Best regards,
Released Patch Details:

  • Several new characters 
  • Completed skill trees of old characters 
  • Continuation of the storyline 
  • New economy (balanced) 
  • New weapons 
  • New locations (3 currently proposed- a forest area and perhaps undead area as suggested by their Twitter)
  • New bosses 
  • Side and hidden quests 
  • More types and angles of the roofs 
  • Different home decorations
    Owlet Team.-22nd June

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