Welcome to the Feel The Snow wikia page! if there's something we've missed please give a helping hand by adding the page yourself or asking one of the main contributors of the Wikia to add it, the game is very new and not everything is fully fleshed out yet so the information on this Wikia is subject to change, thank you for visiting we hope this site helps you!

News! Edit

New from the Owlet Team!

"Due to the recent increase of questions about the future of the game and new patches, we decided to write our roadmap and the approximate timing of the future updates! 

We are working on a new huge update to the game, platforms for Mac / Linux and Steam cards, the patch will be added to the game in about 5-6 months, we understand that it is a decent period of time and that it would be nice if we release new content earlier but first of all the main criterion is quality, we have a small team and we are doing our best! 

The game is not dead and continues its development, we hope to see the old players in the new update  Thank you for being with us! 

Best regards, 
Owlet Team."-22nd February 2017

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Added Tantalum Sword Page

Added Hood Page

Added Snow Scythe Page

Added Tantalum Ore Page

Added Tantalum Ingot Page

Added Wood Flooring Page

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