Fts great slime

The Great Slime in its passive state.

The Great Slime, although it does not have a boss theme or health bar, is the first boss that the player faces.

The Great Slime Edit

The Great Slime is a larger version of a normal Slime, and has a faint blue heart in its center. Much like normal slimes, the Great Slime is passive unless provoked, meaning that the player can heal or eat before attacking.

To unlock the Great Slime fight, the player must complete the quest line that the Witch provides.

Fts great slime trail

The trail that the Great Slime leaves.

This will lead up to the player having to follow a slime trail, which is randomly generated, and consists of roughly 4 to 5 trails. At the last trail, the player will indicate that the Great Slime is nearby.

Tactics Edit

The Great Slime fights by chasing after the player and body slamming the ground. In it's first phase, it attacks slowly and moves almost equivalent to the player's walking speed.

In its second phase, the Great Slime turns a pinkish color, and moves at a much faster speed, even being able to outrun the player's running speed. It also summons up to 4 normal slime add-ons to help attack. These slimes are always aggressive and will attack the player as soon as they spawn. The Great Slime continuously respawns its allies, making it almost useless to kill them.

Ranged players can fairly easily defeat the slime by running away when the slime attempts to body slam, and attack when it is not moving. It is suggested to have at least upgraded your first skill to maximum (level 5), and have wooden armor, but if stone armor is available, it will likely prove more useful. A Shield might be handy, but is generally not needed for this fight if using ranged attacks.

Melee players may find themselves having a rough time with the Great Slime, due to it's close range attacks. A shield (stone suggested) will greatly help if the player cannot run away from the Great Slime's body slam in time. If the player can get a good rhythm of guarding, attacking, and running, the Great Slime will be a much easier fight.

Defeating the Great Slime will rescue Joe and his daughter, unlocking his store.

Notes Edit

  • The Great Slime despawns if the player is killed, but can be found again if following the trails again.
  • At the moment, the Great Slime never respawns.
  • Killing the Great Slime's add-ons is almost useless for this fight, as it will summon new add-ons almost instantly.
  • The Great Slime does not drop any loot, aside from Joe's heart.