Health is a game mechanic in Feel the Snow. It is represented by a red bar at the top left of the UI. The maximum amount of Health the player may have is 100. Upon reaching 0, the player will die and be able to respawn.

Health is depleted when the character is hit by an enemy attack. The amount of Health lost depends on the type of enemy and the attack, as well as the player's passive defense and armor.

Health can be restored by consuming certain items, such as Marshmallows, Cookies, Candy Canes, Small Health Potion, and Health Potion; or by resting (not moving) next to a Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Campfire, during which Health will steadily increase over time until full.

If the player is wearing the Red Ring the player recives +1 health regen, still works while moving, but if the Hunger drops to 0 the you won't regenerate health point.. Same goes for the Pet named Rabbit.