The Inventory is where the player holds the items they have acquired and can equip certain items to their character. There are 24 inventory spots and 6 equip slots. When a player picks up or harvests an item, it will automatically be added to the inventory; if the item can stack, it will automatically do so.

Some items are able to stack higher than others; when a slot is filled, the surplus will go to the next available slot. Some items, such as Tools, Recipes, and some Constructions, cannot be stacked, so that each one takes up 1 slot. If the inventory is full, the player will be unable to pick up additional items until space is made. If the inventory is full while the player is holding a Sword and Shield, they will be unable to switch Tools.

The equip slots consist of 1 Hat slot, 1 Tool slot, 1 Armor, 1 Shield slot, and 2 Accessory slots. The player can easily equip and switch out items by right-clicking them. Once the Shield slot is assigned, if the player switches to their Sword, the Shield will automatically equip as well.

Inventory items can be bound to Quick Slots that can be easily accessed through number keys 0-9 or through the bottom of the screen. Pressing the assigned button or left-clicking on the screen while one of these slots is selected (outside of a game menu) will automatically use that item.

Holding the Ctrl key and left-clicking a stack will divide that stack in half. If the stack is an odd number, the player will grab the higher number of items; for example, if the player divides a stack of 5, 2 will remain in the inventory while the player will be holding 3. (Attempting to divide a slot that is not stacked will do nothing.)

Dragging items outside of the inventory will drop them on the ground, and they can be retrieved up to a certain time limit before they disappear. Certain items can also be dragged from the inventory to a fire to light it.

More storage space can be acquired by building Chests, which each have 24 storage slots; however, there is no current way to expand one's active inventory space.

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