Mana Crystals are a reward item that appears when the player destroys the Altar in the Dark Zone.

Using the Mana Crystal will permanently increase the player's Mana by one point.

Gathering Strategy Edit

Getting Mana Crystals is surprisingly easy, and usually boils down to luck. When a player enters the Dark Zone, Nightmares will begin to appear regardless of the time of day.

Up to four Nightmares will appear at a time. If the player is able to attack the altar fast enough or use the environment to trap the nightmares, the player can destroy the altar with minimal to no damage.

While playing Willie or Annie and has unlocked Wind Blade, standing directly next to the altar will deal two attacks at once, making the total of 6 total attacks. Using Wind Blade can help the player keep a distance from the altar while still kiting the nightmares.