The Map helps the player navigate the game world. Most resources, such as Trees, Rocks, and Ice Roses; and locations such as the Settlement, NPC houses, Dark Zones, and Obelisks, and paths all appear on the map. When the player builds a house, it too will be represented on the map by its outline. The map updates automatically to reflect changes to the game world (such as planting and removing resources).

Several important locations are designated through the map. The player is marked by a blue arrow, the active Quest is a yellow arrow, active Dark Zones are red arrows, and Treasure locations are marked by a brown "X."

Some resources, such as Snowdrifts and Purple Swedes, are not marked on the map.

The map can be accessed through the menu at the right, or by pressing M (by default). The minimap can be toggled on/off by pressing N, which shows the direction of Dark Zones, Friends, Treasure, and active Quests.

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