Fts mysterious note

The Mysterious Note is a Quest item dropped by the first Nightmare the player kills. Upon reading it, a new Quest will unlock in which the player will need to find the Witch.

The note is golden, in comparison to the Recipes which are brown.

Quest Edit

Read the mysterious note. Edit

"You found a strange note while fighting with Nightmares. Read it."

Fts mysterious note 2

The note will be located in your inventory. Right-clicking the item will allow the player to read the note, and the item will be consumed. The note reads,

"Things are going according to the plan, but the Witch saw everything! Find her and kill."

The player will then be prompted to return to the Old Man and speak to him.

Notes Edit

  • The item will drop from any Nightmare. It is always the first one you kill.
  • The item can only be found once. When consumed, the player may not re-read the note.

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