Quests progress the main story line in Feel The Snow and are recorded in the Journal. They begin from the very first moment the player starts a new game, upon which they are greeted by the Old Man. From there, quests require players to gather specific items, travel to different places, speak to different NPCs, defeat certain enemies, and more. Completing quests furthers the story and unlocks new content.

Quests are not technically mandatory; the player can choose to play the game however they like, without completing quests, although the content available will be limited.

The active quest is designated on the player's map by a yellow arrow. By default, quests can be accessed via the Journal icon on the right of the UI or by pressing "J" by default. The active quest will be highlighted and listed at the top of the menu, while completed quests will be greyed out and can be reviewed.

List of quests Edit

Name Description Notes
Visit The Old Man in the survived house. Ask the old man about what happened in the village. He is waiting for you in the survived house. The old man's house is located near the north side of the camp.
Prepare for the night. The old man told you about the terrible creatures of the night - nightmares. Make weapons, you are definitely going to need it at night. To complete this quest, the player must kill one Nightmare and pick up the Mysterious Note it drops.
Read the mysterious note. You found a strange note while fighting with nightmares. Read it. To unlock this quest, the player must kill one Nightmare and pick up the Mysterious Note it drops.
Talk to The Old Man. The witch has something to do with what happened in the village. Ask the old man where to find her. Return to the Old Man at the Settlement.
Go for firewood. The old man asked you to fetch firewood. Bring him 10 units of wood. This quest requires an Axe.
Find The Witch. The Witch House is marked on the map. You need to get there. The Witch's house is usually located west of the Settlement.
Find the black obelisk. The black obelisk is situated in the snowless lands. Find it. It is recommended the player has armor and a shield by this point, due to the fact that this is a mini-boss area.
Take the scroll to The Witch. You found a magic scroll. Take it to the witch. Return to the Witch.
Get an egg of Groh. To use the magic scroll you need an egg of Groh. Groh's Eggs can be obtained from Groh nests, which are guarded by three Groh.
Take an egg of Groh to The Witch. You found an egg of Groh. Now take it to the Witch. Return to the Witch. She will tell you she has nothing left for you, but unlocks the quest to fight the Giant Slime.
Follow the traces to find the Slime. A huge Slime left many traces. Find it. First boss battle. This quest will rescue Joe and Joe's Daughter and unlock his shop in the Settlement.
Visit the rescued citizen. You saved a villager. He is waiting for you in his shop. And he is not alone. Go to the Settlement and find Joe's house. His house is located near the north-western side of the settlement.
Talk to Joe. You have to continue looking for Nightmares. Maybe Joe will help you? Talk to Joe. Press "E" and select "Talk".
Find Joe's caravan. The goods that Joe ordered hasnt come yet. Joe asked you to take care of this. Joe's Caravan is located in the Snowless Land. An NPC with a broken cart will be waiting for you.
Find the bags in Goblin Camp. Go to the Goblin Camp. Your goal - to find the bags that were stolen by Goblins. The Goblin Camp is full of Goblins. The player can sneak through to get the stolen goods, or with strong enough armor, can fight their way through.
Return the bags to Joe. Return the stolen bags to the owner. He is waiting for you in his candy store. Returning the items to Joe will unlock the ability to purchase items from him.
Find Todolf in the cave. You need to find a dwarf Todolfs hut, which is located in the Cave of Ringing Wind. The player will need to craft a Warm Hat for this quest. It is recommended that the player has Stone Armor, a Stone Shield, and a Stone Sword by this point.
Wool for Todolf. Todolf gave you instructions. Bring him 5 units of wool. Wool can be obtained from Chofs or Drakens. You can also obtain it from the snow boars and if you do it right you can obtain 3 wool, two from the babies and 1 from the mother.
Find The Shaman. Find The Shaman in the Cave of Ringing Wind to the East of Todolfs hut. The Shaman is typically located near the center of the caverns.
Get mushroom caps. Bring 10 units of Brilling caps to the Shaman. They can be found in the eastern part of the cave. You're close if you hear an odd popping sound. Brilling Caps do not get close to the player. The player must use their sprint or dash ability to catch the mushrooms. One swing of any sword item should kill them.
Enter the circle. You have to enter the magic circle. There is no time limit, and the player may eat or heal before doing this.
Escape the trap. You are trapped in a cage. Find a way out of it. The player must play a minigame to unlock the door. Timing is essential to this minigame.
Come into the portal. Use the portal that leads to the chamber of Knigness. Once the player enters the portal, they cannot leave until Knigness is killed or they die.
Kill the queen Knigness. You got a difficult task - to beat the very queen Knigness. Knigness is a very difficult boss. It is suggested the player should have Iron armor, Health potions, and have their first skill slot maxed out. Defeating Knigness will rescue Roland and his shop in the Snow Ville Settlement.
Visit the Rescued Citizen. You saved a villager. He is waiting for you in his forge. Roland's Weapon shop is located at the south-east corner of the Snow Ville Settlement
Get Tantalum ore. You saved a villager. He is waiting for you in his forge. Tantalum deposits can not be mined with a pick axe. Purchase bombs from Roland's shop to mine the deposits. The deposits spawn near Iron Ville.
Use a Mechanical Owl in Iron Ville. Find Mechanical Owl in Iron Ville and send Roland a sample of Tantalum. The owl is located on the west side of Iron Ville. The robot standing next to it gives instructions on it's use. Completing this quest will allow the player to purchase the Tantalum Hilt from Roland.
Find Markans Camp. Find the Camp where Markans took the spare parts. Talk to the robot standing outside the house to the right of the village to activate the quest.
Take the spare parts to Iron Ville. You found spare parts. Now, return them to the robots of Iron Ville. Talk to the robot in Iron Ville.
Find the main camp of Markans. You have to find the main camp of Markans and stop the production of weapons. Once the target area is entered, Markan will start attacking relentlessly. When player is defeated, the Markan Chief will appear and talk to player. A peaceful citizen is rescued.
Find The Ancient Machine Your goal The Ancient Machine. It is the one behind the production of weapons. Find it and stop it. The Ancient Machine is located in the center of the of the facility located below the main camp of the Markans, you must flip all the levers on the outer two layers before gaining access to the middle.
Ashley's Invitation Accept Ashly's invitation to visit her in Dendroids' village.
Cooking with Ashley Find Ashley and help her prepare a Banana-fruit mix.
Banana-fruit mix Collect 10 carrots and go for bananas. While the quest states to go for banana's, you must go to the quest indicator on the map. You will find a bundle of bananas there, fufilling the requirements of the quest.
Return home Back to Ashley's house.
Meet the captain Talk to Captain Edward The Wooden Leg
Cold news Find out what supports large glacier with cold.
Delivery of a cold cube Bring the cold cube to Edward the wooden leg.
Energetic deficiency Find the cube of energy in GoldVine Park.
An unusual obstacle

Need to find out from Ashley if she can help us with a huge vine

Meeting in the park Meet with Ashley at the huge vine on the next day.
Goldwine Park Explore the territory of GoldVine Park.
Ready to sail Bring the cube of energy to Captain Edward the Wooden Leg
Acquaintance with death The end of early access.