Roland is an NPC that owns a weapon shop in the South-East corner of the Snow Ville settlement. At the begging of the game, Roland and his services are not available to the player, and his building his destroyed. Roland and the weapon shop are unlocked after defeating Queen Knigness in the Cave of Ringing Wind. He issues quests later in the game that revolve mainly around the player collecting tantalum ore. Roland's shop sells bombs for mining, iron ingots, and the tantalum hilt to craft the tantalum sword. In addition, Roland's shop also provides the service of repairing the players armor, weapons, and tools for money.

Roland Shop Fixed

Inside Roland's Fixed Shop

Roland Shop Destroyed

Roland's Shop Before Being Rescued

Roland Shop Fixed Outside

Outside Roland's Fixed Shop

Quests Edit

Visit the Rescued civilian Edit

"You saved a villager. He is waiting for you in his forge." Roland's weapon shop is located at the south-east corner of Snow Ville.

Get Tantalum ore Edit

"Get tantalum ore. Roland must have something that can help you." Tantalum ore deposits can not be broken with a pick axe. But bombs form Roland to mine the resource.

Use a mechanical owl in Iron Ville Edit

"Find Mechanical Owl in Iron Ville and send Roland a sample of Tantalum" The owl is located on the west side of Iron Ville. To use the owl, place oily liquid in the upper compartment of the owl, and the tantalum ore in the lower compartment. Confirming the positions will complete the quest.

Notes Edit

  • Roland will sell resources for mining as well as for crafting.
  • He is unique in that he allows the player to repair items instead of crafting new ones.

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