Fts settlement

The Settlement as seen in the player's map.

Fts start

The Player's starting point.

There is Settlement in the many areas in the game world and is. Snowville is the first settlement and it is where the player spawns upon beginning a new game. It is a large area with several destroyed houses and a park surrounded by a fence, with entrances to the northwest and southeast. As the player rescues survivors, their houses will be rebuilt and new NPCs will appear, unlocking new content for the player. Another settlement is ironville. It has 3 NPCs and a mechanical bird. The final settlement is Sunglade where 2 NPCs are, Ashley and her grandma.

Joe can be rescued after defeating the first boss.

Later on, Roland and his armory can also be unlocked.

Then comes the Merchant after talking to the markan leader.

NPCs Edit

  • Old Man
  • Joe
  • Joe's Daughter
  • Roland
  • Singing Girl
  • Merchant
  • Ironville Leader
  • Ironville Shop
  • Owner of the mechanical owl
  • Ashley
  • Ashley's Grandma.