Skills are an essential game play mechanic obtained through collecting Experience and give the player buffs or allow them to perform special combat abilities. These Skills are either active or passive and belong to one of three Skill Trees. Once enough Experience is gathered (represented by the purple bar in the UI), the player will level up and earn one Skill Point. Skill Points can then be allocated to certain Skills. Skill Points cannot be reset, but there is no leveling cap, which lets the player in theory collect an endless amount of points.

The Skills menu can be accessed by clicking the blue "+" sign on the right side of the screen or by pressing "K" (by default).

Skill Trees Edit

There are three Skill Trees available in Feel The Snow: Swordsman, Archer, and Mage. These each include 3 active and 2 passive Skills. Progression through the trees is linear and requires 5 Skill Points to be spent on a certain Skill before the next one can be unlocked. Currently, it takes 15 Skill Points to max out one tree, not including the 2 passive Skills. The player does not have to follow one tree exclusively and can spend points on all three trees if they so choose.

Swordsman Edit

The Swordsman branch covers melee weapon attacks, such as those performed through Wooden Sticks and Swords. The Swordsman branch also increases the player's Defense and Stamina.

Tier Name Description Mana Cost Type
Tier 1 Elusive Rush A leap forward slashing everything in its path. 1 Active
Tier 2 Concussion Blow Momentarily throws the target into a state of shock. 1 Active
Tier 3 Wind Blade Throws the blades of wind cutting down your enemies. May be used three times in a row. 2 Active
Tier 4 Wrath After three attacks on the enemy, the next skill used deals increased damage N/A Passive
Passive 1 Sword Mastery Increases damage with swords. N/A Passive
Passive 2 Shield Mastery Increases your defense and reduces stamina costs. N/A Passive

Archer Edit

The Archer deals with Bows and, later on, traps.

Tier Name Description Mana Cost Type
Tier 1 Arrow Strike Stores energy in the arrow, increasing its speed and combat power. 1 Active
Tier 2 Trap Sets a trap catching a target when triggered. 1 Active
Tier 3 Five-way shot Launches 5 arrows at once. 2 Active
Tier 4 Owl Taming Tames a feathered helper with sharp claws. N/A Passive
Passive 1 Bow Mastery Increases damage with bows. N/A Passive
Passive 2 Arrow Mastery Adds a chance of a lucky shot, which does not spend arrows. N/A Passive

Mage Edit

The Mage class uses magic and increases Mana proficiency. As Willie and Annie, these attacks are ice-based; as Fiery, they are fire-based.

Tier Name Description Mana Cost Type
Tier 1 Ice Ball Stores energy to create an ice ball that inflicts damage and reduces enemies' movement speed. 1 Active
Tier 2 Ice Spikes Makes ice spikes sprout out in a line to inflict damage slowing enemies' movement speed 2 Active
Tier 3 Ice Barrier Surrounds the user in a barrier made of ice shards that inflict damage upon contact with an enemy. 4 Active
Tier 4 Ice Elemental Creates an elemental that attacks nearby enemies. 3 Aktiv
Passive 1 Magic Mastery Increases damage of ice magic based attacks. N/A Passive
Passive 2 Mana Regeneration Increases mana crystals regeneration rate. N/A Passive

Assassin (Alice special tree) Edit

This is the special tree that only Alice has access to it is focused on dmg and ducking in and out of combat.

Tier Name Description Mana


Tier 1 Backstab Moves behind the enemy's back and strikes a powerful blow. 1 Active
Tier 2 Flash of


The character moves forward instantly leaving an illusion that

distracts enemy's attention. (explodes dealing dmg and stunning any enemy's after 3 seconds.)

1 Active
Tier 3 Knive


Throws knives that dmg enemy's at a distance. (can be cast 3 times in quick succession.) 2 Active
Tier 4 Merciless


A series of strikes in an AoE around the player. (player can not stop the skill or take dmg from enemy's for 5 seconds during the channeling.) 2 Active




Increases damage with swords. N/A Active




Increases your defense and reduces stamina costs. N/A Active

Chef (Tony special tree) Edit

Tier Name Description Mana


Tier 1 Belly power Slams the ground doing big AoE dmg and an AoE stun. 1 Active
Tier 2 Bowler Places Tonys very own cauldron down that when he makes food

with it the food will buff his attack dmg.

1 Active
Tier 3 Rage of the


Buffs Tonys attack dmg and attack speed by a big amount. 2 Active
Tier 4 Living Cauldron The cauldron Tony places with his "Bowler" ability now attacks enemy's that try to harm Tony. N/A Passive
Passive 1 Dieting Tony loses hunger slower. N/A Passive
Passive 2 Unique Dishes When Tony makes food with his Bowler the buff applied to the meal has a longer duration per point in the skill. N/A Passive