FTS Slime

A Snow Slime in the wild

Slimes are passive mobs that roll around, during the night time hours they fall asleep and only fight if attacked first.

Much like Nightmares, they can be stun locked through repeated attacks, in addition they have the same base damage as Nightmares (15, which can be reduced with armor) and they possess 50 health.
FTS Mucus

The + over a Campfire whilst holding Mucus

Upon killing a Slime players might receive an item recipe and will always receive Mucus when defeating a Snow Slime. Mucus can be used to fuel fires in Fire Pits and Campfires. To do this, players can click the mucus in their inventory and drag it onto the fire, a white + will appear when then the player can click to add the Mucus to the pit to start up a fire.

Grey Slimes appear later in the game, and have much more health than the standard snow slime. They can be found in the Mechanical Land surrounding Iron Ville. When defeated, they will drop Oily Liquid.

Grey Slime

A Grey Slime in its natural habitat

Useful Tips Edit

  • Slimes are considerably the easiest enemy in the game. It is suggested that the player grinds a few levels on Slimes before taking on their first Nightmare.
  • Slimes are useful until about level 5, where their EXP becomes less efficient.
  • The player can obtain all starting recipes by just killing slimes. Once no more recipes are dropped, the player has collected all of the beginner recipes.