There are currently 4 toys in the game that either are achieved by completing a side quest or as an extremely rare drop. They provide a permanent extra stat boost to the player. The player can view their toy collection whenever they find a new one, or whenever the player starts a new world. Toys can only be used at the start of a new save file and cannot be used on older ones, although they can be obtained there.

The first toy is a bunny. The bunny has the effect "Healing +5". The bunny is obtained by giving a Large Candy to Joe's Daughter in Joe's shop.

The second toy is a Nightmare. The Nightmare has the effect of "Attack +2". It appears the Nightmare is a rare drop when the player defeats a Nightmare.

The third toy is a Pirate. The Pirate has the effect of "Selling +5". This toy is a rare drop from Treasure Chests.

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