Trees are plants that grow in the game world. You can chop down trees for wood.

Big trees when chopped down, will leave a stump that a Shovel can destroy to obtain 1 additional wood. Younger trees may only drop 1-2 wood, while fully-grown trees will drop 3. Fully-grown trees, when chopped down, will also yield Tree Saplings. Trees take 6 swings of an Axe to chop down.

There are many different variations of trees. As shown by the pictures below, there are three variations of trees. In addition to the variations, the trees look different in all of the biomes. The snowy area will have white trees. The snowless area has barren trees. The Cave of Ringing Wind has blue misshapen trees. The Oil Valleys have trees with lines around them. Sunglade has very green trees.

Spr tree 2 0
Spr tree 1 0
Spr tree 3 0

The different variations of snow trees