Fts witch house

The Witch is an NPC who lives in her candy-themed house with her black cat northwest of the Settlement. She is involved in the early Quest line. She is somewhat self-centered and impatient, preferring to protect her house with magic instead of aiding the player.

Her house includes a Cauldron, Alchemical Table, and two Fenced-off Garden Beds that grow Candy Canes.

Spr witch 0

The Witch

Quests Edit

Find the Witch Edit

After finding the Mysterious Note, speaking to the Old Man, and retrieving firewood for him, the player is prompted to find the Witch. The player is given a marker on their mini-map directing them to her house.

Fts scroll

The scroll that the player must get.

Find the Black Obelisk Edit

After speaking to the Witch, the player is told to find a scroll located on a Black Obelisk within the Snowless Area. Doing this triggers a mini-boss battle where the player must fight 8 Rune Blocks.

Take the Scroll to the Witch. Edit

After defeating all 8 Rune Blocks, the player is rewarded with the scroll, which they must return to the Witch.

Get an Egg of Groh Edit

After returning the scroll, the Witch requests for the player to obtain a Groh Egg. Groh are hostile and attack if the player gets too close to the nest. If the player is not strong enough to kill all three, it is possible to manoeuvre around the Groh, steal an egg, and sprint away. Additionally, the player can wait till midnight (00:00 till dawn) when the Groh are asleep- you can take their eggs then without any competition.

Take an Egg of Groh to the Witch Edit

After retrieving an egg, the player must then return it to the Witch. She will proceed to tell the player that she no longer has any need for them now that she has protected her house from the Nightmares with a spell. The player will ask about saving their friends, and the Witch will tell them to locate the Great Slime.

Follow the traces to find the Slime Edit

After talking to the Witch, the player will be sent to find the Great Slime. It can be found by following sticky, circle-shaped marks in the snow. The Great Slime is a boss enemy.

Notes Edit

  • The witch is only a quest NPC. She does not sell any items.
  • After finishing the questline, the player is no longer able to interact with the witch.
  • The witch has a cat that the player can interact with, although it does not do anything.
  • The candy house is likely a refrence to the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel"